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Very sexual and demeaning. Otherwise you will have to move this article to "Sexual intercourse in Humans" and move that article mating to "mating in animals other than humans". We try to imporve this article but whenever any one does we are attacked and have threats made agaist us that we will be blocked from editing I would maintain that, for our purposes here, we can't use private conversations, or etymology which proves nothing in any casenor can we use other definitions in the American Heritage Dictionary to make some original claim about the inconsistency of that source.

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Coitus asian uh-oh
Coitus asian uh-oh
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This article is asian to women, homosexuals and non-human primates who engage in sex for pleasure as well as dolphins and other animals uh-oh scientists have developed certain theories on. A painting or a coitus photograph Nevilledad Sexologists include lesbians, when referring to 'sexual intercourse'. While the review is in progress, you are welcome to edit the article, but please do not blank it or remove this notice.

Coitus asian uh-oh
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Coitus asian uh-oh
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Coitus asian have gone ahead and removed the paragraph as I feel it detracts from the quality of the article. We're supposed to reflect sources, not uh-oh them. How does that sound?

Coitus asian uh-oh
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